SlimFit Leggings with Gusset & Elastic – Lily (Lite)

BRAND NEW DESIGN, Super comfortable Slimfit leggings with small triangular gusset and an 8mm elatic to hold it in place, all intended to ensure that they do not move when you move! Made in a light-weight fabric, and thus suited to summer and warm climes. They come in 2 different lengths to cater for most heights. The prints have been purchased especially for Shakti Shanti to ensure it remains as exclusive as possible. Designed to be worn with the matching YOGA Bra in the same design and print.


Yoga Styles: Bikram, Power, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Kundalini (white).


Fabric Imported from Brazil 90% Polyamide 10% Spandex


  • Easy Care – Meaning no need to iron
  • UV Protection 50+
  • Fast Drying (30 minutes)
  • Silky Smooth against the skin
  • Drapes beautifully
  • Light Weight
  • High Quality
  • CO2®


This CO@® technology uses Carbon Dioxide for dyeing polyester fabrics. DyeCoo Textile Systems release liquid CO2 into the dye vessels of the machine, where heat and pressure transform the liquid CO2 into a supercritical fluid that is used to dye fabrics. The machine then lowers the heat and pressure, and the CO2 leaves the dye vessels as a gas. In the process, 95% of the CO2 is recovered and stored as liquid ready for reuse, which makes DyeCoo an almost closed-loop technology. The result is that no processing water or chemicals are required, with a 50% reduction in energy consumption for the process. Moreover, the process is substantially quicker than conventional textile dyeing methods.

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