My New Moon Journey

My New Moon journey began over 15 years ago when I had hit absolute rock bottom after my 7th IVF treatment and tube clearing operation had failed. I was sitting in front of a mirror at my hair salon, looking at my plump, pimply face, feeling utterly miserable and dejected and looking bloated from all the hormones. My hairdresser, Bryane, noticed my obvious distress and suggested that I walk across the road to meet an intuitive couple and have a chat with them. “Just knock on the door and tell them I sent you,” he said. I was so desperately unhappy that I simply followed his advice.


A further piece of my puzzle; that of setting intentions and manifesting your dreams through new moon wishes, was ‘placed in my hands’ some years later.


My beloved Dad had just passed on, the New Year had rolled over and I was floating in an emotional vacuum not knowing how to feel, yet feeling completely alone.


I joined my family on a trip down to Cape St Francis and whilst exploring the rock pools I happened upon one of my surfing goddess friends. She reminded me that it was a new moon THAT DAY and that for the first time in years every planet was aligned… she told me that the universe will conspire to make true literally anything that I wished for I just needed to believe and she suggested I start with “Universe I am ready ….”


Fast forward to 2020, I am blessed with a 15-year-old son who fills my life with joy and a partner who is amazing, incredible and utterly not what I expected.


This is what these wonderful human angels taught me.


New Moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, it symbolises new beginnings.

It brings immense power and we can utilize this time to set our intentions, to create our goals, to visualize a life where we are fulfilled on every level.


This energy is strongest for the first 8 hours after the new moon, however, it still has strength and will have an effect for up to 3 days after the new moon.


Find a quiet place where you can relax and just be, have a pen and notebook ready, or use NOTES in your cell phone.


Take a few moments to reflect on what is right in your life and on your old goals that have been achieved and spend time embodying deep gratitude for them.


Then start considering the areas in your life where you are presently not feeling fulfilment and that you feel require a transformation, assistance, and/or a possible revamp.


Take time and allow every area of your life that you are dissatisfied with to come up and jot them down.


Please know it is possible and your basic right to feel 100% content and even ecstatic with every single aspect of your life. To a large extent, this is a choice and a very important one at that.


Take each of these points that you have jotted down and turn them around, for example, if you are in an unhappy job, notice what it is you don’t like and decide what and how you would like it to be different. What would you expect out of a job that you absolutely love? An awesome boss, an amazing, fun, dynamic, creative working environment, a job close to home, a certain paycheck every month, certain hours, you decide what is important to you and start writing your new moon wishes around them.


Now, there are a few very important aspects to consider when making your wishes as they will materialize, so you need to be careful what you wish for.


  1. All wishes need to be in the present. I start every wish with the words my friend Shelley Rankin suggested as it makes me feel like I am prepared to receive the gift into my life. “Universe I am ready ….” – I am ready to receive, it is time….. THANK YOU!
  2. From there ask for whatever you require and be as specific as possible, try not to leave any stone unturned. When I was asking for a baby I asked for a healthy, happy baby, I didn’t think to ask that it should come through my body, so in the end (around 4 months later) Luke came through another body. We are both clear and certain that we are meant to be and have been mother and child for many lifetimes and found each other through different means in this one. Which in itself is super powerful, so I have no regrets. However just to remember to be all-inclusive.
  3. Keep it positive, the universe cannot decode a negative, so you can’t tell the universe what you don’t want. It only comprehends things in the positive so you can’t say “l don’t want to live in a box”. The universe will conspire to make that a reality, you can say “Universe I am ready to live in a beautiful home, that I can easily afford, that I feel comfortable in, on the beach at …”


Once you have gone through your entire list and made your wishes, let it go…


Spend a few moments visualizing the future if you must, however, it is my experience that things don’t materialize as you expect them, because you are a one-off, so are your needs. In other words, you cannot expect to get what someone else has, and you cannot expect for it to look the same, your experience of what fulfilment looks like will be totally unique. I would never have imagined Luke (my son), not even in my wildest dreams and he is beyond all expectations and similarly for Etienne my partner.


SO let it go and TRUST and as often as you feel like it, reread them, with a gentle smile on your lips with a sense of knowing ….


The beauty of Shakti Shanti is that it never dates. It lasts forever, is super comfortable, and an easy GO TO when you are rushing out the door first thing in the morning to catch the first ray of sunshine.  


This is when I find it easiest to think clearly before the day has begun and while the rest of my world is mostly still asleep.

I love this leafy print, designed by a yogi Catherin Gressieker, and our first print ever in the Emana Plus fabric and still one of my faves. I coupled it with our black long sleeve scoop neck top, so versatile and easy to layer on these chilly mornings.