Why is it so hard to give myself ME TIME?

I am not sure why, when we are guaranteed to get 100% satisfaction and to feel calmer, more positive and in control after we have meditated (for a mere few minutes) that we still find it difficult to consciously sit down, breathe and be still.


There is so much scientific evidence that meditation is essential to the health of our well-being. According to PositivePsychology.com it Enhances Empathy, Improves Cognition, Is a Natural Stress Stabilizer, Promotes Emotional Health and Increases your Attention Span.


Although I try and make time to meditate I am also guilty of somehow managing to find other far less important things to do instead and it intrigues me to understand why.


I believe it has to do with discipline. To actively sit, be still and focus the mind requires a certain amount of self-control, after all it is easier to sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and allow your mind to wander or to engross yourself in work, a game or social media.


Discipline for me is an art, a trained habit that once achieved will take us to new heights. With Discipline, we can evolve our being and for today in this post it starts with gently training the mind. It does not have to be a hard …. To make it easier I have put together a short lead meditation.


It starts with a deep breathing exercise that will lead us within, where we develop an internal state of awareness; we will then take this outward and upward into a pure state of consciousness where everyone and everything becomes one… PURE BLISS.


I hope you enjoy it and I hope it gives you the sense of wanting to be in that space more.

I love to get super comfy and cosy for my meditation practice. My favorite for winter has become the new Emana Plus Printed Leggings that have a luxurious feel against the skin and are especially warm coupled with the Oversized Hooded Track Top.


Free Meditation

Have a listen to my free meditation below