The Magic Touch: Introducing My Shakti Shanti Business Partner – Liné de Raay

Liné and Maria - The Magic Touch

For two decades, I’ve been at the helm of the Shakti Shanti ship, navigating its waters solo. While I’ve cherished every moment and received unwavering support from my incredible team, last year marked a turning point for me, as I realised how much I wanted to share this amazing journey with someone.

A special someone who would add value and share the workload.

Interestingly, last year also marked a personal commitment to a partner, highlighting my shift from going it alone to embracing a partnership in both my personal and professional life (must have been something in the air). 😊


Friendship, especially for me, as I keep my inner circle close to my heart, is a special bond between two individuals where both parties recognise the uniqueness of their relationship and share a mutual affection and respect.

A partnership is a legal arrangement between two individuals who unite with a shared purpose and commitment to advancing their common interest.

A friend-partner-ship combines all of that into one and I genuinely feel like I have hit the jackpot!

It’s been a year since Liné has joined me at Shakti Shanti, and I can’t help but share the story of how her unique blend of qualities is transforming our venture and my experience of business.

Our story

Liné (pronounced Lenay) and I were introduced when I was looking for a stylist to assist Shakti Shanti take on the ramp at SA Fashion Week 2004.

We are two totally distinct and unique individuals.

She is 100% Libra, with a twist of Virgo, and I am 100% Virgo, with a hint of Libra.

Yet somehow, we fit together seamlessly, balancing each other’s sharp corners. Our friendship has blossomed from there.

Throughout our 19 years of friendship, we rarely discussed other people. Instead, we spent countless hours together – especially during the early years when we were both single moms with only children – discussing ideas and dreaming big dreams.

Through this, I came to value and admire her sound advice and creative style.

The moment we decided to work together last September felt incredibly synchronistic; it was as if we both believed it was our brilliant idea simultaneously! And that synchronicity has been a constant ever since. No one else can read my mind quite like she does. She effortlessly catches onto my train of thought, takes it to the next level, finishes my sentences with a unique perspective I hadn’t considered, and puts up with me starting a 6am call with a business conversation where we left off the night before.

Somehow, we have managed to blend our weaknesses and strengths into the most extraordinary mix of creativity and productivity.

Liné’s Magic Touch

I watch in awe as Liné works her magic throughout the business – from her creative designs to the connections she miraculously manifests for us.

While creativity can be a wild untamed force (and trust me with her it often is), she can also be the calm at the centre of the storm. In moments of chaos, she keeps her cool and has the ability to assess the situation and chart a course of action that is both practical and effective.

Her capacity to stay grounded has been a lifesaver in our business journey.

Thrown into the deep end, I have been blown away at her capacity to learn, adapt, and think critically. Her insights and understanding of our industry, market trends, and business dynamics have been invaluable.

She has become more than a business partner; she is a pillar of support. We face challenges head-on, celebrate victories together, and weather storms as a team.

The trust and understanding that built up from years of friendship has translated seamlessly into our professional lives.

Together we Are Better!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful friend-partner 🩷