“Shakti means POWER and Shanti means PEACE

Shakti Shanti together translates to “The Power of Peace” but also includes our vision which is to use it as a platform to produce clothing that empowers all women, from those manufacturing the garments to those wearing them, whilst maintaining a strong yet peaceful business ethic.

Maria, the designer and founder of Shakti Shanti, is passionate about both yoga and all its related aspects, surfing and maintaining a healthy, happy environment.

Sustainability and ethics are the basis from which she makes all her business decisions and for her it’s all about building relationships. Shakti Shanti suppliers are more than just another company and most have been with us for 18 years. We are solution focused which thus maintains mutually beneficial and fluid relationships.

The value in the brand is the quality, the exclusivity and the fit.

We are a boutique company, so very customer orientated and any issues are dealt with personally and immediately.

Our customers are our success and their satisfaction is what is most important to us.

We value honest feedback and constructive criticism along with the many accolades and compliments we generally get.

Our clients are women who value quality, comfortability and exclusivity.

Woman who do Yoga, Pilates or go to the gym and who enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Women who like to celebrate their own uniqueness and who invest in themselves.

Women who are not afraid to stand out and make a statement.

Women of all ages, women of all sizes, women from every ethnic group who want to embody the power of peace.