The 30 Day Handstand Challenge

Ahhhhh for the love of handstands…

So, if you’re like me, who enjoys daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals to keep me motivated and encouraged to exercise, then taking on the handstand challenge is a must.


Very few people manage to get controlled handstands quickly. It requires continuous dedication and strength/flexibility training.


Like with most things in life, getting the basics is fundamental to achieving the final pose, in other words; wrist, arm, shoulder, core, hip flexor, butt and leg strength are all vital.


The whole body has to become one and every part of the body needs to be actively involved, aligned and focused in the moment.


It’s actually the perfect training for meditation

There’s a big difference between kicking up into a handstand and floating up into a controlled handstand.


The latter is my aim as I would love to incorporate it into my daily vinyasa and ashtanga yoga practice, and although I have been working towards it for 20 years I’ve only recently started to really focus on the required strength and flexibility to achieve this in the last few months (ever since lockdown began).

I’ve purchased numerous courses to assist me on my journey and would recommend them to help you develop your daily routine that will build your body to the point that it can slowly, gently and safely take flight.
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I love wearing the Shakti Shanti X-Back Yoga Top with bra support as it is fitted and thus does not need to be constantly readjusted. I can maintain my modesty as the top stays in place on my hips and doesn’t fall down showing my tummy or cover my eyes! Super comfortable and the X ensures that my shoulder blades are free.