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Utkatasana C/Sp High Neck Top 

(Fierce  Pose)

High Neck Spaghetti  with Built in Bra Support
Designed as a remodel on the strappy tops - most of which are too low to wear in yoga where the breasts 'pop out' when we go topsy-turvy. It comes to just below the collar
bones & covers the shoulder blades. It is a surprisingly popular top.

We changed the sizing of the TS003 as we felt the size 34 was more a size 32, it is otherwise identical.

Yoga Styles: Iyengar, Bikram, Power,Vinyasa, Ashtanga,Hatha and Kundalini (white)

SA Size 32 = UK/USA Bra Size 32 = EUR/Asia Bra Size 70

SA Size 3 = UK/USA Bra Size 34 = EUR/Asia Bra Size 75

SA Size 36 = UK/USA Bra Size 36 = EUR/Asia Bra Size 80

SA Size 36 = UK/USA Bra Size 38 = EUR/Asia Bra Size 85

SA Size 40 = UK/USA Bra Size 40 = EUR/Asia Bra Size 90

SA Size 42 = UK/USA Bra Size 42 = EUR/Asia Bra Size 95

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Price: R 375,00
Colour / Size

TS073KHAKI C/Sp High Neck Top

VTS073 - C/Sp High Neck Top
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